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Tips For Learning With Audio

For most learners, the audio dimension is a vital part of language acquisition, and is sadly missing from most Latin textbooks and classrooms. Here are some tips for learning with audio:

Listen to audio constantly, over and over again. Listening to Latin is the single best way you can solidify your Latin vocabulary and your awareness of the word endings.

Listen with text, and without text. Listen to the audio with the text, using the text to help you follow then audio. Then follow along with the sound of the audio, without looking at the text. Even try to jot down some words as you hear them. That is another great way to solidify your Latin skills.

Read out loud in Latin! Pause the audio and repeat. You can pause the audio as it moves from section to section in the reading and repeat out loud what you just heard, using the written text as a prompt. For help in reading poetry out loud, check out the Guide to Reading Latin Meters Out Loud.

MOST OF ALL: Do not worry about "accent" - just enjoy! Latin was spoken for a couple of thousand years - and during that time it was spoken with many different accents by many different people. Do not worry about pronouncing something the "wrong" way, and don't treat anybody's Latin as if it were a perfect model. The key is to listen with understanding and then speak with feeling. Don't be afraid to make noise, and lots of it! You will never learn Latin or any language well just by reading silently.

If you have other tips for how the audio is useful to you as a Latin student, let me know! Also, if you have ideas about how I can make the audio more useful to you, that would be great. Send your suggestions to laura@bestlatin.net.

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