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This site is currently under construction.

BestLatin.net Website

This website is a resource created for students of Latin. If you have a basic knowledge of Latin (say, one year of college Latin or the equivalent), you are ready to make use of this site! For more information on how to use the website, visit the Getting Started page. For more detailed information about other resources available here at BestLatin.net, visit the Site Map page.

Here is a brief guide to the four main areas of the BestLatin.net website:


Legenda: The Legenda are annotated Latin stories, fables and proverbs about animals for intermediate Latin students. The Legenda pages contain

  • Introduction with references to other online resources that you might want to consult
  • Study Guide to help you work through the Latin story systematically
  • Segmented Text to help you better understand the grammar and syntax of the story
  • Discussion Board where you can ask questions and get help

These stories are drawn from the Latin bestiaries (this is the Bestiaria Latina behind BestLatin.net), from Aesop's fables in Latin (both ancient and medieval), along with other medieval Latin animal stories (notably stories from the "Kalila-wa-Dimna" / Panchatantra tradition). For more information, visit this page About the Legenda.


Zoo: The Zoo is an area of the website which is organized animal by animal, arranged alphabetically according to the animal's name in Latin. When you visit a Zoo page, you will find links to the stories about that animal, along with a list of Latin proverbs which feature the animal and the full text of a variety of Latin sources, such as Pliny, Isidore, Physiologus, Hrabanus, and others. The Zoo is also where you will find information about the sources for the thumbnail images used at the BestLatin.net website, with links that give you access to the full-size image online at other websites. For more information, visit this page About the Zoo.


Bestiaria Latina Blog: The Bestiaria Latina Blog is a great way for you to keep up with content being added to the project, as well as to keep up with other web resources and topics of internet to teachers and learners of Latin. The Blog is divided into the following areas:

  • Omnia: A page that contains posts from all the different areas of the Blog.
  • BestLatin.net: News and progress resports about the Bestiaria Latina website.
  • Proverbia: Posts about the latest proverb materials created for the BestLatin Proverb Project.
  • Legenda: The latest Legenda readings added to the Bestiaria Latina website.
  • Verba: Thoughts about Latin etymology and English words derived from Latin.
  • Links: Online resources of interest to teachers and learners of Latin.
  • Cogito Ergo Sum: Personal musings from the human being (me) behind Bestiaria Latina.



© The segmented texts, annotations and audio files at BestLatin.net are copyrighted by Laura Gibbs, 2006. No copyright is claimed for any images.