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Getting Started

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What you can do at the website:

Read A Story - There is a growing set of animal stories available at the website. They have been adapted and annotated with the needs of intermediate Latin students in mind! So just pick a story to read, and use the Study Guide to help organize your progress.

Listen to the Stories - There are audio CDs available for download from lulu.com, plus some audio available directly here at the website.

Visit the Zoo - In addition to the stories, you can find proverbs about the animals in the Zoo! So you can also browse through the Zoo to to find a story to read, and you can read some great Latin proverbs along the way.

Syndicate Content - There are many free materials from this website which you can add to your own webpages, such as the Legend of the Day, the Random Animal Proverbs, the Roman Calendar - and more!

See What's New - You can see the latest additions to the website via RSS , as well as sign up for an email list to get news and updates.

I hope you will find these materials useful to you in your study of Latin!



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