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Latin pronunciation is a thorny subject. In the ancient world, Latin was spoken over many centures in Rome, and underwent significant changes during those centuries. Latin was also spoken through the Mediterranean world and in Europe, with profound regional variations in pronunciation. Then, for many centuries more, Latin was the learned language of Europe, spoken with varying accents all over Europe throughout the Middle Ages. One variation of this medieval pronunciation is "Ecclesiastical" Latin, as spoken in the Catholic Church.

At this website, I am not here to advocate or argue for any style of pronounciation - I just want to advocate for making as much Latin noise as possible...!!!

Unfortunately, many people feel intimidated and scared to speak Latin out loud because they are afraid of getting something "wrong." As a result, people do not speak Latin out loud, and that prevents them from really and truly learning Latin. They memorize silently, and then cannot remember the words. They read silent, and cannot make heads or tails out of what they are reading. The simple fact is: you cannot really learn Latin without pronouncing it out loud.

So, you need to decide - for yourself - what style you are going to use for pronunciation, and then belt it out, as loud as you can. Don't be shy! I am not shy...! Of course, I know there are many people around the globe who will find the way that I pronounce Latin to be ridiculous - a clumsy hodge-podge of the Roman pronunciation that was vaguely taugh tto me in school, with some Italian influence, and my undeniably American accent. But you know, the fact that people might find my Latin ridiculous does not take away from the incredible pleasure I get from reading Latin out loud, and listening to it read out loud.

There are just a two basic tips I would offer about pronunciation, and you will find below a list of websites that provide more detailed information:

Here are some websites with much more detailed information about Latin pronunciation. Remember: don't let these sites intimidate you. Use what you find helpful on these pages, and ignore anything that makes you feel nervous about pronouncing Latin.

The fact that there is so little Latin audio available online reflects the general insecurity and outright fear that so many Latin students and teachers feel about Latin pronunciation. Fortunately, however, there are a few website with some great audio resources for you to enjoy:

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